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For your health & well-blooded feet. NABOSO Activation insoles help to circulate blood in the feet and stimulate peripheral nerves. Experience how it feels to be connected to your feet throughout the day, at work or while exercising. They are a great tool to accompany you throughout the day. By strengthening your feet, you strengthen your body.

  • Medium level stimulation
  • 3mm total thickness

Material – 100% recyclable rubber / non-toxic

Fully recycled material, of exceptional quality, durability and flexibility has been used for the production. It is health safe, non-toxic and latex free.

Use – all day wear / intensive training

The insoles are designed to be worn barefoot or with thin socks. They can be worn on top of your regular insoles or alone in your shoes. The Activation insole has a medium level of stimulation - designed to increase foot activation during all-day wear, or for a more intense workout experience.


Wash with warm water with soap and air dry. Recommended cleaning once a week.

How to choose the right size

The insole is easily trimmed to fit your shoe, just trace your regular insole.

NABOSO Size Chart
Size S M L XL
EU Size 35–38 39–42  43–45 46–48,5

The weight is about 90g.

Color Blue
Material Rubber