SKINNERS 2.0 Carmine

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Description and parameters

SKINNERS 2.0 Carmine

The minimalist shape of Skinners 2.0 combines the comfort of socks with the protection of shoes. With a perforated insole, long-lasting polymer outsole and functional fibres, this is a shoe designed to keep up with you on every adventure. They are made with the finest Italian fibres and anti-abrasive Swedish polymers in a unique zero-waste technology in the heart of Europe.

This is a product that adapts to your body, activating every muscle and tendon and letting your feet do their job. In short, it lets you move without restriction. Thanks to its compact size and "second skin" feel, Skinners is the ideal shoe for sports (short runs, exercise, yoga, water sports) and works just as well as a pair of backup shoes (traveling, camping, hiking, cycling).

  • unisex sock shoes
  • made in the Czech Republic
  • seasons: spring, summer, autumn


  • Regular walking and hiking - Stretch and activate your legs! Sock shoes adapt to your body, activate every muscle and tendon and let your feet do their job.
  • Running - Enrich your workout (recommended on soft ground) by deeply activating every muscle and tendon in your feet! One run in Skinners will give you a whole new understanding of foot mechanics.
  • Watersports - Non-slip and cut resistant soles give you the perfect grip, even in wet conditions, and help keep your feet safe even near sharp coral.
  • Exercise and weight training - Seamless, zero-permeability sock boots are ideal for indoor use and promote natural posture during squats, deadlifts and other exercises.
  • Travel - A ten-hour flight or bus ride can be tough on your feet - trapped in shoes simply because you can't take them off due to cold, dirty ground or unpleasant odors. Try Skinners instead!

Cut – adaptable / comfortable

  • adaptable shape hugs every foot (compared to the first series models, they are more spacious in the toes and suitable for wide feet)
  • zero drop - heel and toe flush
  • lightweight and flexible
  • non-moulded insole
  • durable (can withstand up to 800 km)

Material – synthetic + natural fibres/ 3mm sole

  • upper: elastic fabric, combination of natural and synthetic fibres (three-layer patented antibacterial, anti-odor StretchKnitTM knit), originally from Italy
  • insole: perforated removable 1.5mm insole
  • sole: 3mm imitation rubber polymer, anti-slip double layer abrasive polymer originally from Sweden

How to take care of your shoes

  • wipe shoes with a damp cloth and dry well
  • shoes a washable
  • when washing, select the programme for soft laundry at 30°C
  • do not dry shoes close to a heat source
  • proper maintenance helps to make barefoot shoes last longer

How to choose the right size

Measure the size of your children's feet and add an extra space of 2–10 mm for a comfortable fit.

Skinners 2.0 size chart
Sizes EU 3637 3839 4041 4142 4344 4546 4748
Inner lenght (mm) 232 240 252 260 270 280 295
Inner width (mm) 98 102 104 108 111 113 115

Weight of one shoe at the size M is 80 g.

If you are not sure about the right size, stop by our store.






Foot width Regular, Regular wide
Features Vegan, Made in Czechia
Use City, Home, Sport
Color Burgundy
Season Spring, Summer, Autumn
Category Sock shoes
Sole (mm) 2