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Description and parameters


The Naboso Neuro Insole features our medical-grade level of stimulation for the purpose of improving balance and stabilization in those with acute and chronic neurological conditions.  

The Neuro Insoles is currently going through the FDA process for the purpose of improving foot awareness in those with various types of neuropathy. 

Feeling and perceiving our feet and the ground is necessary for optimizing balance and movement.   With various medical conditions we can lose our connection to the ground and greatly contribute to fall risk. 

  • Medical grade level stimulation
  • 3mm total thickness

Material - 100% recyclable rubber / non-toxic

Fully recycled material, of exceptional quality, durability and flexibility has been used for the production. It is health safe, non-toxic and latex free.

Use - All day wear / neurorehabilitation training

The insoles are designed to be worn barefoot or with thin socks. You can wear them on top of your regular insole or alone in your shoe. The Neuro insole has the highest level of stimulation. Suitable to integrate into any neurorehabilitation program to train gait and reduce falls. It helps to enhance skin perfusion and peripheral nerve stimulation, postural awareness and balance while standing and walking.


Wash warm water with soap and air dry. Recommended cleaning once a week.

How to choose the right size

The insole is easily trimmed to fit your shoe, just trace your regular insole.

NABOSO Size Chart
Size S M L XL
EU Size 35–38 39–42  43–45 46–48,5

The weight is about 113g.


Color Grey
Material Rubber