FORESTONES massage mat

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Product description

FORESTONES massage mat


We were inspired on the other side of the world. Where life is drunk in full sips straight from the wide bed of the holy river. Where the value of the moment is valued, as is the eternity of being. Where it is known that our feet carry us towards our destiny. And that they need to be cared for. You already know that, too. Wake up your legs. The head will follow ...

how does it work

Even the slightest empty moment in life can be filled meaningfully. It is enough to stand on the FORESTONES reflective pad a few times a day. Under the table at work or family dinner, in the bathroom, by the bed before bed ... Fine but uncompromising wooden spikes cause proper circulation of all important reflex zones on the feet. This means more energy for the internal organs, deep breathing and a clarified mind.

how we made the pad

From wood that grew here in our country, in the Czech Republic. It was made by the hands of local carpenters. It is purely natural, including the oil in which it is soaked. It's not a science. Just a good idea, beautiful material and a piece of honest craftsmanship.


  • Made of hardwood
  • Treated with natural oils.
  • Benefits for your health
  • Craftsmanship.
  • Thoughtful design.

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