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XERO SHOES Z-TREK W Porcelain Blue

XERO SHOES Z-TREK W Porcelain Blue 1
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Product description

XERO SHOES Z-TREK W Porcelain Blue

Z-Trek is a multifunctional sandal from Xero Shoes. The low weight combined with a thin flexible durable sole ensures a barefoot feel. They are suitable for all sports and leisure activities. They protect feet on land and in the water. Adjustable heel and toe straps allow fine tuning for a comfortable fit.í.

  • women's sport vegan sandals
  • seasons: spring, summer, autumn

Cut – adjustable / flexible

  • for normal to medium wide feet
  • lightweight, flexible
  • Adjustable straps hold the foot over the instep and heel, but the fingers can move freely
  • zero drop - heel and toe are on the same plane

Material – textile straps / 6mm rubber sole

  • upper parts: textile tapes
  • sole: 6mm FeelTrue® rubber sole for good grip
  • fastening: velcro

How to take care of your shoes

  • always clean coarse dirt first with a brush
  • clean only manually, with warm water and mild soap
  • proper maintenance helps to make barefoot shoes last longer
  • to increase the durability of you shoes, treat them regularly with impregnation spray

How to choose the right size

Measure the size of your feet and add an extra space of 5–10 mm for a comfortable fit.

Use the printable templates to choose the right size. When printing a template, make sure you have the print scale set to 100%, otherwise the size will not match.

Xero Shoes Z-Trek size chart
Sizes EU 35,5 36,5 37,5 38,5 39,5 40,5
Sizes US W5 W6 W7 W8  W9  W10 
Inner lenght (mm)  220 230  240   250  260  270
Inner width (mm) 98 99 100 101 103 105
Template Barefoot Sandal Template Barefoot Sandal Template Barefoot Sandal Template Barefoot Sandal Template Barefoot Sandal Template Barefoot Sandal Template

Weight of one shoe at the size 38 is 153 g.

If you are not sure about the right size, stop by our store.


Product parameters

Parameter Description
Foot width Regular, Regular wide
Features Recycled, Vegan
Use City, Outdoor, Sport, Water
Color Light blue
Season Autumn, Spring, Summer
Category Sandals
Material Synthetic
Sole (mm) 6

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