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Rethink the way you recover with the all-new Foot Recovery Kit by Naboso. It includes 3 of NABOSO's most popular products that will get you and your feet in shape soon - whether you want to wake up or strengthen your feet, reduce fatigue, or improve your performance during the day or training. By strengthening your feet, you strengthen your body too.

The Foot Recovery Kit includes:

1 x pair of Naboso activation insoles

Stimulating shoe inserts designed to be worn all day. NABOSO Activation Insoles help to increase blood circulation in the feet and stimulate peripheral nerves. Experience how it feels to be connected to your feet throughout the day, at work or while exercising. They are a great tool to accompany you throughout the day. It is made of ully recycled material of exceptional quality, durability and flexibility. It is health-safe, non-toxic and latex-free.

The insoles are designed to be worn barefoot or with thin socks. You can wear them on top of your regular insoles or alone in your shoes.

1 x Naboso Splay Toe Spacers

Universal toe separators designed to restore the natural shape of the foot and optimize movement. Naboso Splay works by aligning the toes, returning them to the correct position and encouraging a healthier gait. By stretching the small muscles in the feet, the separators help to improve balance, stability, gait and posture. Also suitable for all day wear.

1x Neuro Ball

Intense massage ball for local stimulation of the feet.

+ Video series on how to use the Foot Recovery Kit

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