COLLONIL CARBON WAX Impregnation 300 ml

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Description and parameters

COLLONIL CARBON WAX Impregnation 300 ml

Carbon Wax is a high performance impregnating spray with innovative technology for impregnation and wax care of all smooth and waxed leather. The layered carbon structure provides extremely long lasting protection, moisture cannot penetrate the material structure, water droplets simply roll off the surface of the material. Reliable protection and care with long-lasting effect.

  • protects against deep soiling, stains and moisture
  • suitable for breathable membranes such as Gore-Tex®
  • regular application allows easy cleaning
  • use for smooth leather on shoes, garments, bags

How to use

  • we recommend impregnating before first use
  • impregnate first, then treat with e.g. balm

Shake well before use. As a rule, it must be sprayed on a clean and absolutely dry surface from a distance of at least 30 cm. Allow to dry thoroughly. The balm can then be applied.

Carbon Pro protection should be applied after approx. 12-15 uses (wearing), depending on weather, and material. After that, the impregnation must be renewed. Do not allow the material to become deeply wet between applications.

Volume: 300 ml

Care Impregnation
Material Smooth Leather, Brushed Leather, Synthetic Materials, Textile