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Make your loved ones happy and give them a gift card for purchases at naBOSo shop.

  • Voucher is valid for 1 year once issued
  • Discount code can be sent by e-mail
  • Voucher can be sent by mail for free when paid in advance by transfer
  • Value: 500, 1 000, 2 000, 3 000, 4 000 a 5 000 CZK

If you buy a voucher in value up to 2 000 CZK and want it to be shipped for free (or discount code sent by e-mail):

  • do money transfer on the amount (voucher value) to be paid minus shipping
  • order a voucher with the selection of in-store pick up in Nusle and pay by card
  • write the delivery method into a note section

Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for money. Even if you return an order that has been paid for with a voucher, we cannot refund the amount to your account. In this case, we will issue a new voucher for you.

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