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PEDAG COMBI SET Foam Care citrus

Combi set citrus
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Product description

PEDAG COMBI SET Foam Care citrus

Spray foam citrus scent with sea sponge in the set.

The foam contains active and fresh citrus powder.

It easily and quickly cleans any material without water - smooth and brushed leather ('' suede ''), textiles and synthetics, including TEX membranes.

It cleanses deeply, removes stains and salt, and at the same time nourishes and beautifully revives colors.

Contains lanolin, which protects the surface and repels water.

It is very gentle on delicate materials, dries very quickly and leaves no traces.


Simple and practical use with a sea sponge, which ensures even application and at the same time absorbs all impurities.

Also suitable for clothes, handbags or car seats.

Product parameters

Parameter Description
Gender Kids, Men, Women
Season Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter

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