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Product description


Multifunctional weights stimulating your hands during weight training and feet during a pleasant massage. Naboso Sensory Sticks is a set of two 1kg design weights that combine texture and weight for an instant brain-body connection.

Includes: A set of 2 Sensory Sticks + 3 workouts designed to strengthen and tone the shoulders core and feet. 

Use: activation of mechanoreceptors on the palms and soles - especially suitable for active athletes who appreciate faster reactivity of the hand muscles during play (e.g.: tennis, golf, basketball...)

Better awareness of movement is also useful, engaging more centres during exercise strengthens the connection between the body, brain and hands. This benefit is especially felt when practicing yoga or during rehabilitation.

Massage roller - enjoy a nice massage wherever you need it.

Product parameters

Parameter Description
Color Blue
Material Rubber

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