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LEGUANO GO Mixed Black

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176.4 €

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72.7 €
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23.1 €
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Product description

LEGUANO GO Mixed Black

You are embarking on an outdoor adventure soon, and you are looking for a companion that will give you protection from the elements without constraining your feet and toes? Please meet leguano’s go: mixed olive.

Equipped with a mid-high shaft the go: provides your ankle with a little extra support and comfort on your next exploration. leguano’s patented, anti-slip and non-marking LIFOLIT sole contours the natural arch of your foot and gives your feet that distinct leguano barefoot feeling.

On top of it all the go: just rolls up and saves much needed space in your luggage on your next travel!

Product parameters

Parameter Description
Sex Men, Woman
Vlastnosti Hand made, Vegan
Use City, Sport
Color Black
Season Autumn, Spring, Summer
Category Ankle

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