Andrea Součková



Hi, my name is Andrea and I have used barefoot shoes since 2014. I set up one of the first shop with barefoot shoes in Europe, it was just couple of years after I have found out the shoes naBOSo. The shop arose in Prague 6 Dejvice and it has already been there more than 5 years. We have three shops and one large e-shop at the moment. We are going to many festivals and events, where we are trying to help people, who dont know the barefoot shoes yet.

I have done tens of running races in barefoot shoes. For example: Prague ultratrail, Prague marathon 3x, Prague 1/2 Marathon, Vltava run, Od Tatie k Dunaju, etc. etc. In travel, work, exercise in barefoot shoes, I simply have not taken them off of my feet for many years. I saved my knee thanks to them. 🤩

I am looking forward to meet you in one of our shops or in some event.

Andy from naBOSo


PS: my running race times:

Maraton - 5:04

1/2 Maraton - 2:01

10 Km - 50:47

5 Km - 25:01


Jiří Souček

manager of everything, what is happening in naBOSo 🤠


Hi, I am Jirka and I got to barefoot shoes throught a sport. I had long-term difficulties with my right foot. It escalated some winter day that much, that I had to stop to ski in the mountains. My instep got collapsed on my right feet. I found out naBOSo after some research, where I came for the first shoes. All company charmed me so much, that I have started to work in there.

I have worked from the shop, e-shop expedition, to the claim and I have been sitting in the chair right now and trying to make up things which are going the be the best for you.

If you have any suggestion, I will be happy to read about it on my e-mail

Jirka from naBOSo


PS: my running race times:

Maraton - 3:08

1/2 Maraton - 1:18

10 Km - 34:48

5 Km - 17:06

Magda Matuštíková

marketing and promotional events


Libor Nyguen

orders, costumer service


Tereza Kvapilová

Store manager Zlín


Šárka Maršnerová

Store manager Beroun


Filip Petr
Specialised seller Dejvice

Specialised seller Dejvice

Hi, I am Filip. I am dad, photographer, passionate traveler and mainly I love barefoot shoes and everything around it.

I have been using barefoot shoes for years and I found the rescue in these shoes after number of my knee surgery.

I regularly educate myself on physiotherapy, orthopaedics and podiatry. I am interested in the whole domain because I have had negative experience with it by myself. We have regular training with specialists in naBOSo, so I venture to say that I understand it. Obviously I am not orthopedist or physiotherapist but I have may seen more feet than them 🤭.

I have my little child, so I understand to kids and I can communicate with them well. You can trust me that everything what I say, I mean in the best way for you.

I like to use podoscobe with adults, I can specify the best shoe for the certain person thanks to that.

Stop by to meet me.

Filip from naBOSo

Salute everyone, my name is Petr. I am the taller one from Dejvice shop 😉.

I come from music family and I play many instrumens. I have played the guitar, acoustic and also elelectric, for a number of years already. I recently learn to play the drums and I film some composition, signature tune or even an album in a band sometimes. For example it was me, who recorded the signature tune for naBOSo talks.

I found out the barefoot shoes by myself. I got to the barefoot shoes because of my interest in the human itself. I bought my first shoes form naBOSo (I did not work there yet) and it was the brand Magical Shoes.

I like to help you to choose the fittest shoes for you. I like to discusss the complexity, not only barefoot shoes but also whole idea of it whenever is time.

I am looking forward to you.

Petr from naBOSo

Denisa František
Temporary worker in the Dejvice shop

Temporary worker in the Dejvice shop



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