SKINNERS KIDS 2.0 Moss | Children's sock shoes

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Description and parameters

Skinners for kids are unique sock shoes that combine the protective features of footwear with the comfort and freedom of socks. Thus, they support the natural development of children's feet without the unnecessary constraints of hard and cumbersome footwear.

Thanks to improved technology, the new model is even more comfortable and the foot is much less constricting. Children's feet will thus be even freer. In addition, a removable perforated insole with improved moisture suction function has been added to them .

A transport bag is also included.

Where they fit

  • At home: sock-like comfort, protection from stepping on sharp objects.
  • In the garden: easy to slip on without your assistance.
  • For playgrounds: suitable for indoor and outdoor play areas, the non-slip sole and protective bottom layer give your little explorers freedom of movement.
  • for frolicking in the water: the non-slip surface can cope with wet surfaces where slipping is possible, in the sea it protects against unknown objects.
  • for skating: in the pocket for changing.
  • for hiking: after a full day, they provide your feet with the desired relief.
  • for travelling: perfect for planes, buses or as a storable pair of spare shoes.
  • ... in short, anywhere.

Cut – adaptable / comfortable

  • light as socks and durable as regular shoes, they give real freedom of movement and protection
  • take up minimal space - easy to roll up and put in your pocket
  • spare shoes often take up a lot of space. For children, however, together with spare clothing
  • they are seamless and thus do not pinch or rub anywhere
  • children can wear them with or without socks

Material – knit / rubber

  • knit: 45% polyamide, 32% cotton, 20% polyester, 3% elastane
  • sole: 2 mm non-slip rubber

How to care for Skinners

  • always brush off coarse dirt first
  • proper maintenance helps to make barefoot shoes last longer
  • wash Skinners safely in the washing machine at temperatures up to 35 °C or by hand

How to choose the right size

Measure your foot size and add an oversize, ideally 9-12mm for children's shoes

Skinners size chart
EU size 26-27 28-29 30-32 33-35
Length (mm) 170 185 200 215

If you are not sure about the right size, stop by our store.

Foot width Regular, Regular narrow, Regular wide
Features Vegan, Made in Czechia
Use City, Home, Outdoor
Color Khaki green
Season Spring, Summer, Autumn
Category Ankle, Sock shoes
Material Synthetic
Sole (mm) 2