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Product description


The German brand of children's backpacks Affenzahn belongs to the company Fond of Bags, which also produces backpacks for adults. Affenzahn backpacks are fun - each one is a cute pet - but also ergonomic and didactic - their buckles are designed to improve the fine motor skills of children, the ability to change the position of the animal's limbs and pull out the tongue again develops children's imagination. The Affenzahn brand has also received a bluesign certificate, which proves that the production of backpacks is environmentally friendly. Affezahn backpacks are made from recycled PET bottles. They are light and compact - with the Affenzahn backpack, your child will be happy on the trip, in kindergarten and on the beach!

Technical parameters

AGE preschoolers (3-7 years)
COLOR blue
VOLUME 8 liter
MATERIAL from recycled PET bottles
DRINKING BAG not included
SIZE 20 x 12 x 31 cm
OTHER hand embroidered, name tag on tongue, hidden pockets
WEIGHT 420 g
ART. NO. AFZ-GYM-001-003


Product description

Affenzahn kindergarten backpacks are best friends for children all over the world. They have their special abilities and characteristics. They will share the craziest adventures with you and they are nice creatures!

Overview of functions from the collection of larger backpacks for 3-5 years:


  • 1. Embroidered details
  • 2. Hook and loop "paws"
  • 3. Pull-out tongue
  • 4. Front mesh pocket
  • 5. Outside pockets
  • 6. Reflectors
  • 7. Secret pockets
  • 8. Carry Handle
  • 9. Soft shoulder pads
  • 10. Colored push-in clips
  • 11. Height-adjustable chest strap


    From the adjustable chest strap to the zip closure, every detail is lovingly thought out. Affenzahn kindergarten backpacks are fun and functional at the same time.

    Experience every adventure together! With the friendly face of a backpack in Affenzahn kindergarten, it's like taking a piece of home with you everywhere.

    Discover the world with backpacks at Affenzahn Kindergarten. Pull out your tongue, play with the loop, turn your hands. Playing with a favorite animal develops the child's imagination. Opening and closing the buckle trains fine motor skills.

    The backpacks are fair and eco-friendly, Affenzahn is a partner of the bluesign® system, which is a guarantee of meaningful protection of our planet's resources in the production of these backpacks. Affenzahn backpacks are 50% made from recycled PET bottles.


Product parameters

Parameter Description
Sex Kids
Color Blue
Season Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter

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