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Product description


Skinners are lightweight like socks and resistant like regular footwear. Experience a real freedom of movement either you are in the city, hiking or on a trip with friends.

  • roller-skates - It's kind of bothering to carry a rucksack for changing your shoes. Whether you are getting on a bus or about to climb a steep slope, it's good to change.
  • biking - Sightseeing is tempting but you simply can't walk in track shoes.
  • walking - At the end of the day it's nice to take off your shoes and walk barefoot. But obviously you can injure yourself or get dirty outside.
  • working out - Yoga or pilates is done barefoot or in socks. But in a gym it can get cold from the floor and slippery when wearing socks.
  • fitness - It's comfortable to exercise in socks but they can wear out and get dirty very quickly.
  • travelling - While travelling the less kilos you have the better, that's why you should only carry lightweight and pocket stuff with you.

You can wear your Skinners with or without socks. It's completely up to you. They are not a full-time substitute for your regular footwear, and can be used occasionally in non-extreme conditions.

  • antibacterial finish with pure silver (+Ag), anti-odor
  • SKINNERS StrechtKnit adapts to your foot shape easily
  • protective layer over tiptoe prevents from quick wearing out
  • non-slip elevated heel layer is capable of absorbing strong shocks
  • bottom layer doesn't contain a glue and is handmade in Czech Republic
  • phtalatefree double layer is abrasion and water-resistant


Material composition of sock: 45 % polypropylene Sitex (with Ag+), 22 % viscose, 22 % cotton, 11 % lycra

Material composition of sole: Adhesive and phtalatefree double layer with anti-abrasive swedish polymer

Machine wash using a mesh laundry bag (included) up to 35, or handwash.


Product parameters

Parameter Description
Gender Kids
Features Made in Czechia, Vegan
Use City, Home
Color Blue
Season Autumn, Spring, Summer
Category Ankle, Socks shoe

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