SKINNERS Black/White

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Product description

SKINNERS Black/White

Skinners are lightweight as socks and durable as regular shoes. Experience real freedom of movement whether you are in the city, on a hike in the mountains or on a trip with your friends.

  • roller skating - Taking a backpack with shoes is a nuisance. When taking the bus or at the edge of a steep hill, however, most people like to put their shoes on.
  • cycling - It is tempting to visit historical monuments during cycle tours, but cycling shoes are no-go.
  • walking - It is nice to free your feet after a whole day in shoes and walk barefoot. However, your feet could get dirty or injured when walking outside.
  • exercising - Your feet can get cold during yoga or pilates classes and wearing socks can make the poses unstable and slippery.
  • weightlifting - Wearing socks in a gym may be comfortable but they will get dirty and worn-out.
  • travelling - Additional weight can be painful when travelling, so it is great to have your light and space-saving gadgets with you.

Skinners can be worn with or without socks. It is up to you. Skinners should not be considered as a full replacement of regular footwear. They will serve well for an occasional use in non-extreme conditions.

  • antibacterial layer with pure silver (+Ag)
  • compression StrechtKnit will adapt to the shape of your foot
  • protective layer on the toe tip prevents from wearing out
  • anti-slip layer on the heel absorbs impacts
  • lower layer is not glued and is hand-made in Czech Republic
  • phtalatefree double layer is wear-resistant and waterproof
  • Skinner awards:
    • winner of Red Dot Design Award (winter 2017)
    • finasta Ispo Award (brand new 2017)
Size chart Skinners 
Size/EU XS
 Foot length (mm) 226-241 241-254 254-268 268-281 281-294 294-309

Sock composition: 45 % polyporpylen Sitex (with Ag+), 22 % viscose, 22 % cotton, 11 % lycra

Sole composition: two layers of anti-abrasive and phtalatefree polymer

Machine washable in a washing sack (included) at temperatures up to 35 ℃.

Product parameters

Parameter Description
Gender Men, Women
Features Made in Czechia, Vegan
Use City, Home, Sport
Color Black
Season Autumn, Spring, Summer
Category Ankle, Socks shoe
Podrážka [mm] 2

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