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Product description


Tannu is Bundgaard's classic indoor slipper! It is loved for its high quality and natural fit which allows room for free toe movement. It is a super soft and comfortable leather slipper! The thin and flexible rubber sole reinforces stability and is perfect for days filled with play - both at daycare and at home. Tannu is easy to get on and off - great for the kids who want to do so themselves.

Size chart Bundgaard

Size EU 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Leg length up to (mm) 134 140 145 152 159 164 170 176



  • Wide fit but good adjustment possibilities and with a narrow instep and heel cap that secures a perfect fit for both narrow and wide feet. 
  • The stable back counter provides support 
  • Removable insole:  

Easy to check if the size is correct – both at purchase and continuously during use. NOTE: Small children bend their toes and will therefore not feel when the shoe is too small. 
Possibility to aerate and dry the soles. 
Easy and fast to clean the inside of the boot. 

  • Flexible and soft outsole 
  • The leather makes the shoe extremely breathable and ensures a good foot climate 


Good advice to take care of your shoe

We recommend that treat your footwear with impregnate spray both before and during use to extend the life of the shoe. This has a moisture and dirt-repellent effect and protects the leather from drying out.  

Leather is a natural material that in time will need a little care as it will look and feel a little dry. Start by wiping the shoe with a hard-wrung damp cloth and let the shoe dry. Then use polish or leather grease on the shoe. When it has dried completely – preferably overnight – the shoe can be treated again for even better result. (Note: suede should only be treated with spray – not polish of leather grease) 



Product parameters

Parameter Description
Gender Kids
Features Leather
Use City
Color Blue
Season Autumn, Spring
Category Ankle

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