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Product description


RootyRUG - Walk - NEW

Even so revolutionary product, which is RootyRUG, through evolution. RootyRUG Walk develops the unique concept of the root carpet and adds unimagined variability to it.

RootyRUG according to your ideas

RootyRUG Walk is a modular system. It consists of a set of separate parts that you can freely combine. We sell sets from 4 pieces to 8 pieces, you can of course combine individual sets and achieve an unlimited number of combinations.

A really useful root carpet

  1. It simulates an uneven surface and constantly trains the legs
  2. It is nice and completes your living room, children's room, entrance hall…
  3. It adapts to your shape and surface
  4. You can transfer, reshape, expand or distribute it


RootyRUG will bring your feet to life. Its surface is unevenly bumpy and slightly rough to the touch to simulate the natural terrain as closely as possible.

It is suitable for children as well as for adults. It is not slippery nor cold and it is safe, designed to be used for exercising or walking barefoot or with socks. RootyRUG provides a great assistance to athletes and rehabilitating patients with orthopedic defects and helps small children to stimulate healthy development of their feet.

Bumps that are designed in the shape of tree roots pleasantly disrupt the stereotype of a traditional flat floor and anyone who loves being barefoot will greatly appreciate it. It is best to place it in the middle of a room, hallway or any other frequently visited place so you can walk over it as often as possible. Lay the rug on a hard and flat surface. On a slippery surface, fix the RootyRUG with a non-slip pad that you receive for free with each package.

RootyRUG can be vacuumed as a regular carpet. If you adhere to the enclosed instructions, you can also clean it with water.

Surface material: polyamide, polypropylene
Maximum load: 120 kg
Designed, patented and made in the Czech Republic.


Product parameters

Parameter Description
Sex Kids, Men, Woman
Vlastnosti Made in Czechia
Use Home
Season Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter

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