Product description


Age - for children from 1 year
Quantity - 8 modules

-Module "Sea pebbles" (soft)
-Module "Sea pebbles" (hard)

Area - 0.5 sq.m.

The surface of the Set «Sea Stones» consists of pebbles of different diameter and height.
When walking interchangeably on soft and rough sea stones it increases the effectiveness of training through the alternating degree of influence. The complete immersion in the feeling of the «sea bottom» allows us to achieve not only physical, but also emotional pleasure. All the functions of the child's foot are improved.
The pressure on joints of legs and spine is decreased. The ligament and muscular system on the feet of the child is developed and strengthened, and all the muscles of the foot are thoroughly examined, which improves the overall state of the body.

The mix consists of:
- «Soft Sea Stones» and «Rough Sea Stones» - the surface of the mat consists of stones of different diameter and height, covered with small bubbles. The surface of the module is working all the entire surface of the foot, improves blood circulation in the area of the foot and lower extremities, contributes to the prevention and treatment of the flat feet and the strengthening of the leg muscles, and the relief of the mat acts point-to-point on all foot receptors, which improves blood circulation in the lower extremities.

The relief of the massage surface at regular exercises relieve tiredness after intensive physical exertion of the working day.

Product parameters

Parameter Description
Gender Kids, Men, Women
Features Made in Czechia
Use Home
Season Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter

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