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VOUCHER Mobility lesson

VOUCHER Mobility lesson
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Product description

Get your lower body part moving, from toes to hips and pelvis, and you'll learn in a while to improve yourself immediately thanks to couple of exercises. We'll rediscover natural movement, renew forgotten kids positions and simply enjoy the movement. Do easy and effective warm-up that will perfectly get you started every day. All you need is a minimum of equipment and exercises mostly covering the majority and that can be done almost anywhere. 

  • Choose date and time of lesson in reservation calendar
  • Voucher valid for 1 year from the issue date
  • Length of lesson: 90 minutes

„What's not done, will be lost." Jerome Rattoni, ScarAbs Fit

If you do money transfer we can ship the voucher via Czech Post for free. We can also generate discount code and send it by e-mail. You only need to mention your preferences into a note section while ordering, and we will send you the payment instructions for free shipping.

Product parameters

Parameter Description
Sex Kids, Men, Woman

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