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Angles Fashion


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Product description


Thales are all-purpose leather shoes, hand-sewn in Czech Republic.

The shoes are made from top-quality leather and materials with EU origin only. They were long developed in cooperation with Tomas Bata University in Zlin based on the analysis working with a large sample of Czechs feet measured.

Thales shoes have a very original character that is besides a true design enhanced by an untraditional surface working of leather. Manufacturer can deliver them to you in available colours of your own choice within 2 weeks. You can choose the colour of leather at the front, middle and heel of a shoe, the colour of threads on the upper and outsole and the colour of shoelaces and outsole itself. Part of your Self will be reflected in Angles shoes!

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The inside is pleasant, all-leather and with no threads visible, thus cracking or seam loosening, that can be caused by the contact with feet and rubbing, are out of the game. Angles from inside, that is the quality at second sight. Beautiful and clean.

Once properly cared and impregnated Thales EV become waterproof. Thanks to a quality design the water has no chance to get inside.

  • lots of space for toes
  • thin flexible outsole
  • non-elevated heel, no support of arch or raised solid tip



SIZE TABLE Angles Fashion EV
Size EU 37 38 39 40 41 42        
Inside size délka (mm): 245 250 257 263 268 276        
Inside width (mm): 89 92 93 93 95 95        
Size EU         41+ 42+ 43+ 44+ 45+ 46+
Inside width (mm):         275 282 288 293 299 306
Inside size délka (mm):         102 103 104 105 106 107

Product parameters

Parameter Description
Sex Men, Woman
Vlastnosti Hand made, Leather, Made in Czechia
Use City
Color Brown
Season Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter
Category Ankle

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